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our history

Humble Beginning

The creation of New Life Baptist Church (NLBC) is a vision from Mandarin Baptist Church of Los Angeles (MBCLA), our mother church. With three students, Pastor Peter Chung, council
members David Tam and Richard Lim, and the Sunday School coordinator James Hsu initiated Sunday School in Indonesian on October 16, 1983. At the time, the focus was on Indonesian
college students in Southern California, then it expanded to immigrants from Indonesia, and NLBC continued to grow under God’s guidance and blessings. After one year, the Indonesian
Sunday School felt the need to have a formal Sunday service. On June 23, 1985, the Indonesian Baptist Mission Church was formalized under MBCLA.

What we do

Keeping Our Church Running Smoothly


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What People Say

Real Biblical basis. Additionally, how can you refuse a weekly free, abundant lunch? Only through God’s provision!

Joshua Chandra

My sister was baptised there and my mom said it was amazing

Jose Espinal

For those who practice this religion I recommend it

Jose Ramirez